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 For us, the beauty of Africa lies in its diversity: the fact that it is at once complex and simple; emerging and fast growing; home to different languages and cultures; and that it works on multiple levels – tribal, national and regional. All this and more make Africa such a captivating place.

Digital Connectivity: The Engine for Economic Growth
The world is changing, and perhaps nowhere faster than across Africa. The internet is a proven driver of economic growth, change and sustainability in every area of every government, including finance, healthcare, education and security.

We offer governments the opportunity to leverage our solutions to improve and shape the future of their nation and citizens.


Empowering governments
to tackle tough challenges
Providing people with
knowledge and skills
Bringing technological advancements
to developing countries


Global IP’s satellite platform provides a low risk approach for governments in the region to own their own capacity in space. Managing and controlling services with full independence and autonomy.


The demand for mobility
Africa’s mobile network operators and Internet service providers have brought about a communications revolution across the region. Subscribers will most likely connect to the internet using their mobile devices on-the-go with LTE and WiFi access.

Expanding your service area
Using our mobile solutions, now is the time to leverage existing market penetration to expand coverage and subscriber growth with new LTE networks.
Our satellite enabled LTE network will enable you to expand your service area into regions where LTE expansion couldn’t be achieved profitably.

Rely on our extensive industry and market experience, and let us create a complete, tailored solution, that will drive new revenue streams, with minimal capital expenditure.

Leverage existing market penetration to expand coverage and subscriber growth.


Service providers
With greater connectivity through our satellite, you can offer your small and medium-sized business clients all the advantages that cloud services have to offer. From full control of stock inventory, to automated, real-time accounting, you can enable clients across Sub Saharan Africa to streamline their businesses, create new efficiencies and become more profitable.

The way in which people consume media has changed dramatically in recent years. Rather than sitting in front of the TV reliant on broadcaster programming, today people want to watch what they want – content from all over the world, when they want – 24/7, where they want – everywhere, and how they want – on their phones, tablets or other mobile device.

Together we can lead this momentous shift from terrestrial to over-the-top delivery of entertainment. We will help you convert your services to capitalize on new consumer trends by multicasting different channels to different locations, providing you with a better service and cost savings.

The way in which people consume media has changed dramatically in recent years…


Global IP brings you an end-to end service that includes state-of-the art technology, extensive experience in satellite communications, and a broad network of contacts. We will put all of this together in a complete package, tailor made to your needs and enabling you to advance in every and any direction you wish.

Education for outlying areas.
Remote medical care.
Information and entertainment.
Your national satellite.
National TV station.
Better Security/ border control / HLS.
See new things. Learn new skills.