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Boeing Communications Satellite to Expand Broadband Services in Africa

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. and GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Boeing [NYSE:BA] will build a 702 satellite, called GiSAT, with a new digital payload offering twice the capacity as previous digital payload designs. The customer, Cayman Islands-based Global IP, will use the satellite to provide streaming media, digital broadcast and other communications services in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a […]

Global IP to Participate in Euroconsult

Global IP is pleased to announce that its founders and executives will be attending the Euroconsult’s 20th Summit for Satellite Finance in Paris on September 12th to 15th this year. For appointments, please send an email to or call at +1-949-923-5549.

Global IP Establishes Its US Operations

Global IP announced today that it has established its US subsidiary for the purpose of managing its engineering and technical activities in anticipation of procurement of its first satellite and launch vehicle from US manufactures. Global-IP Cayman (‘GIP’), a privately owned company which plans to launch its first high throughput satellite (HTS) serving Sub-Sahara Africa. GIP was founded […]

Bahram Pourmand Appointed as CEO of Global IP

Until recently, Mr. Pourmand served as executive vice president and general manager for the International Division at Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) where was responsible for all aspects of Hughes’ international operations. He was also a member of the management team of Hughes Communications, Inc. and was a board member of Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd. […]

Global-IP Completes Major Equity Round

Company plans to launch its first high throughput satellite (HTS) serving Sub-Sahara Africa with over 150 Gbps capacity. Global-IP Cayman (‘GIP’), a privately owned company completed last week its first major equity funding through issuance of Series-A preferred shares. GIP was founded by three satellite industry veterans with seed financing from the founders. The founders, […]